Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gunnell Family Pictures

When Glen and Rachel were here we had a family picture done on the Temple Grounds. It turned out really well, none of us was pregnant and even with 15 grandkids we were done within 25 minutes.
Adults only

Entire family

Fun in the summer heat!!

Every July our church does Primary Softball, it's for the kids ages 9-11 and because of the heat the games are at 6am. This is Ashleigh's 2nd year and she really enjoys it, she doesn't even complain about getting up before 6 every morning. She was actually kind of disappointed because she missed the first week of games while we were at the cabin. Jordan is looking forward to being old enough next summer.

We also use the canal water to irrigate our yard every 2 weeks and if it's not in the middle of the night the kids love to play in the water. It's not the cleanest water in the world, but they have fun. Besides, they're not drinking it anyway. They have water fights and turn the toddler slide into a water slide. They also like to line up lawn chairs and pretend they are boats on a river. It's really nice when they can have fun all together. It's one way to stay cool!!

Austin and his Birthday Cake!!

Finally a smile with his teeth showing!!

These pictures are too funny not to post. Austin had fun opening his presents, but way more fun getting into the cake. We all had a pretty good laugh and he went straight to the bathtub when it was over.
It's a really messy face, but look at those cute curls!!

More photos from the cabin

After the 4th was over the kids and I were able to stay another week and so did Natalie and her kids. The kids all had a great time. They found creatures...Ashleigh found a snake and Cade found a Horny Toad.
We went to pottery hill in search of some cool Indian pottery and the kids found a stash of bones while out riding quads.

Austin had fun playing in the rocks and on the porch. He was always checking out what the other kids were up too.

My kids also love it when they get quality time with dad while at the cabin because it usually means a pretty long ride, he didn't disappoint. They all had a great time. We are hoping that next time we can do a family ride.

It was a great week and we are looking forward to getting back to the mountains in another week, one last time before school starts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July Weekend

Well it's that time of year again...the annual Gunnell Gathering at the ranch. We all had a blast. Glen and Rachel and their family was here from Oklahoma and we were all gathered together in the mountains enjoy the cooler air and spending time with family. There was lots to do or nothing at all to do, whichever you preferred. Granny had treasure hunts planned for the kids, one for the younger kids and then it was the older kids turn. Marie (Gunnell)Wood was there with her parents and kids and her kids had a blast being apart of what was going on. The kids had fun playing in their clubs(forts) that they have been working on, doing crafts, hanging out with cousins and they always are up for quad rides around the ranch. We were lucky enough to get rain every afternoon leading up to the 4th of July, but once the 4th arrived it was warm and dry.
Tanner, Zach, Jared and Max finding their treasure
Heading out on a hunt for treasure
The older kids finding their treasure

On the 4th we started with a family flag ceremony and short devotional, then it was a big family breakfast. What a great way to start the day. Later on there was a family parade around the ranch, which included singing Patriotic songs and waving to all. The kids had a blast.

Then it was time for the big boys (grown men) to head out on their own ride for a while and then they came back to the Annual Horseshoe Tournament. JJ Martinez was the winner this year and family friend Cory Tucker had a trophy ready for the event.

After a BBQ dinner it was time for the Pinata. The kids all lined up, youngest to oldest, and each had 3 swings at it. Fun was had by all and when it still wasn't cracked open Papa took the last swing and broke it open for the kids to have at the candy and toys.

Then it was off to the fireworks!! It was a great day, I am so proud to live in this wonderful country!!
Sunday was church and then we had a really nice adult testimony meeting. It was so sweet to sit out on the lawn and be spiritually uplifted by each persons testimony of the gospel and the importance of family. Monday rounded out the holiday weekend with a Family Home Evening lesson about Patriotism and our country's flag. After the lesson the kids all gathered around to color patriotic pictures and have treats.

It was a great weekend, it was so fun to have the entire family together. I want to extend a huge Thank You to Arlene and Dennis for the use of their cabin, you guys are great and we really appreciated it!!

Happy 1st Birthday Austin!!

I can't believe it's been a year already. My baby is growing so fast. He isn't quite walking on his own yet, but he's close. He has 6 teeth and is working on another. He laughs alot and loves to hang out with his sister and brothers. He especially loves it when Ashleigh sings to him. He makes us laugh with the things that he is doing. We call him the family billy goat, he is always head butting people and furniture. It will be nice once he starts walking so that he won't go head first into anything in his path. This last week we were at the cabin and he discovered stairs and ladders. He loves to climb now, yesterday I caught him trying to climb the ladder to the top bunk bed. Boy do I have my hands full or what?! Austin is a great eater, he loves anything we give him, as long as it's not baby food. I have finally been able to cut back to just a bedtime nursing and we are just waiting for the day that he starts sleeping through the night. Hopefully that will be any day now:) He is also starting to give really good kisses and he waves hi and goodbye as well.

Austin is such a joy to have around. You would think after a year that the older kids wouldn't be so interested in him, but they still fight over who was playing with him first or who is going to sit by him in the car. It's really kind of sweet that they love him so much and he returns the love all the time.